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Universally Adaptable Extracorporal Life Support Transportation System


Project TitleUniversally Adaptable Extracorporal Life Support Transportation System
Track CodeP4214
Short Description

Patient transport between hospitals in different cities is a frequent requirement where very specialized medical procedures e.g. critical care interventions such extracorporal life support (ECLS) are restricted to regional centers. Patient movements under these circumstances is complex: Not only has the patient to be moved, but also all of the life support equipment such as ECLS circuit, ventilator, IV, etc., without interruption of function. All this equipment has to be placed on top of a stretcher, under tight space limitations, so that everything can fit into an ambulance, helicopter and/or aircraft but still be accessible to care-givers.

The development of ECLS technology has enabled transport of ECLS-dependent patients in who are in need of an intervention such as transplantation which is only available elsewhere. Until today, there was no commercially available transport solution for ECLS-dependent patients: each center that has transported patients has developed their own system or one-off creation.


BC Children’s Hospital staff has developed a patented universally adaptable extracorporal life support (ECLS) transport system which is modular, adaptable to any type of ECLS system, and suitable for any form of ground or air transport. 

Tagsstretcher, transportation
Posted DateMay 17, 2010 7:16 PM


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