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Flintbox Private Label

A Flintbox Private Label is a Flintbox homepage with the look and feel of your organization's brand. You can integrate the Private Label with your own website to provide potential licenses, potential collaborators, alumni and faculty with up-to-the-minute access to the available technologies you are actively marketing.

Since the Private Label is simply branded access to Flintbox, you manage your projects in real time with all of Flintbox's formatting and transaction capabilities, and your visitors can use all of our searching, browsing and Innovation Sphere™ tools.

In the Private Label creation process, your organization’s header and left navigation is retained while your Flintbox Projects and global search tools are included in the main frame. Once we create your Flintbox Private Label site, it is simple to add this link to your existing website.

Of the more than 350 active Groups on Flintbox, the following Groups are using Flintbox Private Label websites:

Alberta Association of Colleges and Technical Institutes
Canadian Virtual College Consortium
Carnegie Mellon University
Children's Hospital Los Angeles
Dalhousie University
Federal Partners in Technology Transfer
Georgetown University
Lawson Health Research Institute
LifeSciences British Columbia
McGill University
McMaster University
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Northwestern University
Oklahoma State University
Parteq Innovations
Rice University
Rutgers University
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
The Scripps Research Institute
The University of Kansas
The West Coast Licensing Partnership
University Health Network
University of British Columbia
University of Cambridge
University of Guelph
University of Iowa
University of Louisville
University of Manitoba
University of Massachusetts Lowell
University of Massachusetts Medical School
University of Montana
University of New Mexico
University of North Carolina Charlotte
University of Victoria

If you’d like Wellspring to create a Flintbox Private Label for your organization, please contact for more information and pricing.

(Note: Flintbox Private Label sites are included with the base system for Sophia Knowledge Management System clients.)