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Northwestern Anagram Test (NAT)


Project TitleNorthwestern Anagram Test (NAT)
Track Code2011-152
Short Description

The Northwestern Anagram Test (NAT) was designed to examine non-verbal production of canonical and non-canonical sentences in individuals with language disorders resulting from neurological disease.

Posted DateMay 4, 2012 11:13 AM

What is the NAT?

The NAT consists of two forms:  (I) a Long Version, and (II) a Short Version. Both examine non-verbal production of canonical and noncanonical sentences. The Long Version examines production of the same sentence types examined with the Northwestern Assessment of Verbs and Sentences (NAVS) (Thompson, 2011;, including active sentences, passive sentences, subject extracted wh-questions, object extracted wh-questions, subject relatives, and object relatives. The Short Version examines production of a subset of these structures: subject extracted wh-questions and object extracted wh-questions.

For a sample of the test stimuli and response form, please click on the "Download" link under the "Files" section below.



The Northwestern Anagram Test (NAT) is available via. a license from Northwestern University for research and clinical use.

Payment by credit card can be made after agreeing to the NAT license agreement.  Your order will be shipped within ten (10) days of payment confirmed by your credit card.  Please allow 5-7 days for delivery.

For other tests offered by the Northwestern Aphasia Lab, see "NAVS." 


File Name Description
NAT-Sample Stimuli and Response Form None Download


Name Price
(1) Examiner's Manual; (1) Picture stimulus book (contains long & short versions); (2) Sets of sentence cards: (1) Long Version; (1) Short Version; (2) Response forms: (1) Long Version; (1) Short Version 205.00 USD Buy