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Project TitleEssay Pro
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Using macros and inserted documents, our software package transforms Microsoft Word into a powerful platform for essay-grading. The instructor has merely to flag stylistic and grammar problems as they occur. EssayPro then tallies the occurrences of each type of mistake and offers the option of including a document explaining the mistake and linking to outside resources. Besides automating the repeated tasks of marking, EssayPro also enriches instructor feedback and provides quantitative measures for student writing.

This product is aimed particularly but not exclusively at writing instructors working at the post-secondary level. It may be particularly useful for those teaching distance education, but will be of use to anyone who prefers to grade on a word processor.


An increasing number of instructors in undergraduate institutions and elsewhere prefer to use a word processor to grade student papers. Our product consists in a series of tools to aid the process. It has two advantages over simply writing custom macros as needed or using the various change tracking features of Microsoft Word:

1. It provides a tally of student errors, allowing habitual errors to be easily identified;
2. It allows the insertion of files with enriched feedback, including links to web pages and podcasts.

A perennial complaint of English instructors is that the same errors have to be painstakingly explained for every student essay. EssayPro inserts enriched explanations, thereby overcoming this problem. While partially automating marking, it renders the process paperless, since the student’s essay can be submitted online, marked with EssayPro, and returned as a portable document format file, without ever being printed.

EssayPro is a set of macros and other tools that transforms Microsoft Word into a
powerful platform for marking undergraduate essays and other written assignments. It
eliminates the difficulties of writing in margins and the tedium of repeating similar
explanations for frequent errors, while directing students to further resources on the

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Posted DateMay 31, 2012 5:22 PM


Derek Gratz


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