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Laser Ignition


Project TitleLaser Ignition
Track CodeU.S. Patent No. 6,394,788 (DOE S-89,698)
Short Description

Los Alamos National Laboratory - Express Licensing Program

A first excitation laser or other excitation light source is used in tandem with an ignitor laser to provide a compact, durable, engine deployable fuel ignition laser system. Reliable fuel ignition is provided over a wide range of fuel conditions by using a single remote excitation light source for one or more small lasers located proximate to one or more fuel combustion zones. In two embodiments the beam from the excitation light source is split with a portion of it going to the ignitor laser and a second portion of it being combined with either the first portion after a delay before injection into the ignitor laser or combined with the output of the ignitor laser. In another embodiment alternating short and long pulses of light from the excitation light source are directed into the ignitor laser. In a fourth embodiment the excitation light source is a laser with more than one resonating cavity; beams from one resonating cavity are directed into an ignitor laser and beams from the other resonating cavity are directed into a beam combiner where they are combined with the output of the ignitor laser. In a fifth embodiment an excitation source capable of producing alternating light beams having different wavelengths is used to pump the ignitor laser.

Tagslaser, ignition, laser ignition, ignitor
Posted DateApr 5, 2013 8:59 PM

Licensing Terms and Conditions

This patent is offered for Non-Exclusive licensing through Los Alamos National Laboratory's Express Licensing Program.  The financial terms for an Express License are listed below:

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Seven Thousand Five Hundred ($7,500) U.S. Dollars

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Five Hundred ($500) U.S. Dollars

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Two Percent (2.0%)

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Intellectual Property

Patent Number Issue Date Type Country of Filing
U.S. Patent No. 6,394,788 May 28, 2002 Utility United States