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Spot beam crystallization for the fabrication of thin films


Project TitleSpot beam crystallization for the fabrication of thin films
Track CodeP30880
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Posted DateSep 6, 2017

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This technology is a system for fabricating thin films using a pulsed laser beam crystallization method.

Unmet Need: Smaller grain sizes in thin films for next generation optical devices

Current methods of processing thin films rely on laser-controlled irradiation and melting to create the crystalline structures within the film. This approach of laser crystallization uses one complete cycle of melting-and-solidification before the rest of the film is further processed. However, while the films fabricated using this method contain grain sizes of about 0.3 to 3.0 microns, which are sufficient for current display and mobile devices, methods for producing thin films with smaller grain sizes are needed for high-resolution devices such as virtual reality systems.

The Technology: Continual laser pulse crystallization achieves high pixel density in thin films

This method uses a small laser beam spot that is continually advanced across the thin film to create a complete or partially molten zone that ultimately crystallizes into uniform, small grains. Overlapping regions of the thin films are irradiated using a second laser pulse, which is applied before the melting-and-solidification cycle has completed. The smaller grain sizes of <0.3 to 1.0 micron created using this method can produce displays that reach 3000-5000 pixels per inch resolution, an order of magnitude higher than conventional methods. Additionally, this technology uses high frequency pulsed lasers with low power requirement, allowing the films to be processed at higher speeds with improved power efficiency.

A prototype of this technology has achieved 0.3 to 0.5 micron grain sizes in a processed silicon thin film.

Lead Inventors:

James Im, Ph.D.

Patent Information:

Patent Pending (WO/2017/120584)

Potential Applications

  • Transistors with upwards of 5000 pixels per inch resolution

  • Virtual reality displays and other high pixel density displays

  • Micro-LED displays


  • Creates sub-micron sized grained films

  • Produces uniformly grained films

  • Amenable for any type of film that may be processed with laser irradiation

  • Higher film processing speeds

  • Improved power efficiency


Tech Ventures Reference:


Greg Maskel
Columbia Technology Ventures
Tel: (212) 854-8444


Other Information

Principal Investigator