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Wireless InVivo Anastomotic Leak Detector


Project TitleWireless InVivo Anastomotic Leak Detector
Track Code2016-014
Short Description
This invention is related to the fabrication techniques for electrochemical lactic acid sensors. The sensor converts variation of lactic acid concentration to electrical signals directly and locally at the sensing electrodes.


UTA researchers have developed a wireless monitoring system for early detection of anastomotic leaks in a body after gastrointestinal surgery. The developed biosensors are positioned at the target sites to detect and monitor the leaks. The sensing device, upon contact with biochemical agent sends signal to a monitoring device or a transceiver located outside the body immediately. After a pre-selected monitoring time has passed, the biodegradable sensing device can be retrieved or/left to biodegrade with the patient. These biosensors have improved sensitivity, stability, selectivity and durability. The use of wireless signals allows as the patient to walk around and still have the capability of being monitored. Early of anastomotic leaks detection would allow surgeons to take steps to prevent sepsis and critical illness. It would also reduce the need of temporary ileostomy, increase quality of life and reduce the cost of health service. Thus, this advanced technology is an efficient, cost-effective, convenient and patient friendly leak monitoring system to prevent secondary complications and post-surgery procedures.

TagsLife Sciences; Medical Device; Gastrointestinal
Posted DateJun 27, 2017 1:29 PM


Jung-Chih Chiao
Maggie Tjia
Xuesong Yang


Sharon Ngwenya

Competitive Advantages

Wireless Monitoring system which helps in monitoring of patients in motion 

  • Easily retrievable or/and biodegradable sensing device 
  • Immediate and accurate detection of biochemical agents at target sites 
  • Low-cost, time–efficient and disposable devices 
  • Increased sensitivity, stability, selectivity and durability of the device

Meet Our Inventor

Detailed Description


Commercial Applications

  • Early detection of anastomotic leaks after gastrointestinal surgery 
  • Monitoring system to detect leaks at any target sites in a body


File Name Description
Lacte Sensors on Flexible Substrate 2016 Publication Download

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