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Noninvasive liquid interrogator


Project TitleNoninvasive liquid interrogator
Track Code2016-052
Short DescriptionNone
Posted DateAug 24, 2017 4:43 PM


Jung-Chih Chiao


Koffi Selom Egbeto

Technology Need

Several methods to identify the constituents of a liquid enclosed in a tightly sealed container have been developed. One popular method is the use of x-ray or gamma-ray high energy photons to penetrate bottles. This method is expensive and poses radiation hazards. Another method is to use Raman scattering from ultra-violent light sources. This method is expensive, slow and would not suffice for applications where time is of the essence. A few products utilize Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) technology. For this, the generation of sufficient magnetic fields is expensive. Thus, a cheap, high efficient method to detect the characteristics of liquid or air in a mixture is needed.

Invention Description/Solution

Researchers at UT Arlington have developed a low-cost liquid interrogator that utilizes radio frequency (RF) energy to detect the characteristics of liquid or air in a bottle. A technique for dielectric spectroscopy utilizing self-resonance of a solenoid based sensor was developed. The sensor is designed to detect self-resonance frequencies and reflection coefficients of unknown liquid in a plastic bottle. Pattern recognition algorithms and classification methods were developed to characterize common liquids. A prototype has been developed and tested.

Commercial Applications

  • Liquid identification
  • Quality control of fluidic products
  • Lubricant monitoring

Competitive Advantages

  • Contactless and noninvasive inquiry of solutions
  • Fast assessment
  • Low cost without consumables

Stage of Development


Extensive tests done

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Intellectual Property

Patent Number Issue Date Type Country of Filing
PCT/US17/046024 None Utility United States