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Ultra-sparse dielectric resonant polarizers and associated methods


Project TitleUltra-sparse dielectric resonant polarizers and associated methods
Track Code2015-048
Short DescriptionNone
Posted DateAug 31, 2017 3:34 PM


Robert Magnusson


Albert Nnadili

Technology Need

Polarizers are the most common components in modern optical sensors, imaging systems, lasers and display technologies. The current state of art utilizes nano grid polarizers which have good polarization performance and its planar structure helps in integrating to thin-film photonic devices. But these are lossy in nature and do not polarize in both reflection and transmission. This provides an avenue for unmet need.

Invention Description/Solution

UTA researchers have designed a new class of polarizers with dielectric nanowire or low-loss semiconductors that are mostly free space. These polarizers deliver an unmatched combination of high power performance, high efficiency, high extinction ratio, and lossless in wide spectral bands. The novel polarizer acts as a good polarizer in reflection, transmission, or both and works best in systematic environment. The fabrication process of the novel polarizer is very simple and feasible, and can be practically made with all material.

Commercial Applications

  •  Imaging systems
  •  Optical sensors
  •  Display technologies
  •  Laser Processing

Competitive Advantages

  •   Lossless
  •   High performance
  •   High extinction ratio
  •   Easy fabrication
  •   Robust in angle

Stage of Development

 Prototyped and Tested

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Intellectual Property

Patent Number Issue Date Type Country of Filing
15/162,070 None Utility United States