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Cuvette for the Fluorescence Spectroscopy of NMR Tubes


Project TitleCuvette for the Fluorescence Spectroscopy of NMR Tubes
Track Code2327
Short Description

The invention is a specially designed, novel dual-use cuvette that would allow for the contents of an NMR tube to undergo fluorescence analysis in a spectrofluorimeter without having to remove the solution from the NMR tube. Often, it is necessary to determine the contents of an NMR solution before or after an NMR analysis to determine if the solution has undergone any change from its original state. Sample contents can undergo reactions or precipitate from the solution, rendering different results than intended without the user's knowledge. However, removing the sample from the tube runs the risk of contaminating the sample or exposing it to reactants before the fluorescence analysis can be performed. In addition, the sample is rendered unusable when removed from the tube because of the risk of contamination.


This cuvette would assure that the sample could be analyzed in a spectrofluorimeter in the same state as it was analyzed in an NMR spectrometer. The cuvette would allow the tube to be inserted into a spectrofluorimeter in a position so as to be stationary and entirely exposed to the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the spectrofluorimeter. In addition, the cuvette itself is designed to cause no interference with the ultraviolet radiation, so the data provided will only reflect the radiation's effect on the NMR sample. In order to avoid spurious light from interfering with spectrophotometric experiments, a special cap was designed which allows only light from the spectrometer source to interact with the sample. The cuvette is compatible with air- and water-sensitive samples, and biological samples.

Tagscuvette, nmr, UVVis, spectrum, spectra, tube, analysis
Posted DateNov 14, 2017 3:07 PM


Cory Acuff