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System for Avoiding Jamming of Wireless Signals


Project TitleSystem for Avoiding Jamming of Wireless Signals
Track Code2415
Short Description

The invention is a photonics-based “Jamming Avoidance Response” (JAR) device. With the fast progress of communications technology in our world, wireless communication networks are under a new and larger level of strain than ever before. One element of this strain is an increased susceptibility to radio interference and jamming. The tight controls placed on the RF frequency spectrum by the FCC often results in over-crowding of the frequencies, making it difficult to optimize the use of the available spectrum. The JAR approach suggested by the UGA researchers detects and uses spectral holes for automatic adjustment of output frequency. These adjustments are made without direct coordination with multiple systems and devices. Using this system for photonic Jamming Avoidance Response (JAR), radio interference and jamming can be avoided in RF communications. This new design aims to be a solution to issues to spectral scarcity in wireless communications.


This systems is inspired by the neural circuitry of eigenmannia fish, which generate electric fields to navigate their deep water surroundings. In order to avoid jamming or overlapping signals with other fish, eigemannia are able to detect and regulate their own emitted signal within a low kilohertz range. The approach used here utilizes the flat response frequency of photonic devices and their near-instantaneous response times. The photonic JAR circuit has been developed through simulation using linear and nonlinear optical effects used in neuromorphic processing systems. Miniaturization of circuitry is currently underway and the system is being adapted for simultaneous communication between multiple users

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Tagstelecommunications, security, Jamming, radio, RF, electromagnetic, photonics, JAR, electronics, device
Posted DateNov 14, 2017 3:14 PM


Cheryl Junker