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Ultra-High-Speed, Photonics-based, Radio Frequency Switch


Project TitleUltra-High-Speed, Photonics-based, Radio Frequency Switch
Track Code2302
Short Description

The invention is Microwave Photonics (MWP) RF switch with high switching speed and ultra-short on/off transition time. High-speed RF switches are an essential component in frequency hopping RF systems, secure microwave communications, RF device/system testing, and frequency division multiplexing systems. The RF switch developed by UGA inventors is capable of:


(1) switching a single frequency signal on and off;

(2) switching one frequency out from a signal consists of two different frequencies; and

(3) removing a single frequency from a large number of frequency.


Switching can be performed at GHz speed, which reduces the undesired transition time between switching.


The high-speed MWP RF switch makes use of a fast tunable MWP notch filter to block the unwanted channel. This blocking is achieved by use of a phase modulator-based loop mirror filter. The MWP notch filter is continuously and rapidly tunable with a high rejection ratio of 50 dB and uniform filter shape. Experimentally, both the RF on/off switch and the two-channel switch can be operated at GHz rate with a switching time of < 100 pico-seconds. This design significantly improves the switching speed to picoseconds level as well as providing a stable and repeatable switching performance.



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Tagstelecommunications, RF switch, photonics, radio, radar, switch, RF, GHz
Posted DateNov 14, 2017 3:17 PM


Cheryl Junker