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Continuously Tunable and Highly Reconfigurable Multiband RF Filter


Project TitleContinuously Tunable and Highly Reconfigurable Multiband RF Filter
Track Code2016-125
Short Description

The invention is a next-generation, continuously-tunable RF filter, that operates in multiple passbands and which can be reconfigured at will. The range of tunable frequencies includes most broadcast television and radio, as well as wireless communications such as cellphones and Wi-Fi.  A miniaturized version of the extant prototypes would present an opportunity for significant improvement to such communications devices. To differentiate these signals, electronic devices include a filter that regulates those frequencies which it transmits and receives. Traditional resonators tend to be specific to certain frequencies or ranges thereof, however this new system can be adjusted and thus is capable of targeting different signals without a change in structure. Traditional antennae work as oscillators by virtue of their structure, and while incorporated electronics and use of multiple miniaturized oscillators do a lot to provide multiband functionality, they are not by nature dynamically “tunable”. There is no other existing multiband RF filter that has continuously tunable and highly reconfigurable capabilities.  Devices that make use of the photonic functionality will as a result be capable of more complex and dynamic wireless communication.


By controlling and detecting photons this next generation electronic filter can be tuned and reconfigured. Broadband sources are filtered by using quantum devices that overlay and refract beams of light.  The device first separates an electromagnetic wave based upon wavelength, then allows only a specific frequency or range of frequencies to pass through.  The process by which light is separated is highly configurable. The comingling of the splitting and refining technologies is totally novel and results in a truly configurable electronic filter capable of targeting specific channels of communication based on how it is adjusted. •           The filter bandwidth is already very impressive at around 100 MHz; however, it may be further narrowed by the use of a wider Gaussian light source if so needed (on-going work). Prototype miniaturization is possible through the use of silicon-based photonic devices.



References and Intellectual Property


  • Patent pending


Tagstelecommunications, RF, filter, multiband, radio, security
Posted DateNov 14, 2017 3:25 PM


Cheryl Junker