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Sticky Tee


Project TitleSticky Tee
Track Code2017-146
Short Description

Technology Summary

            This innovation is a high impact rugged golf tee that stays in the grass 95% of the time, regardless of the golfer’s swing.  The design features incremental conical barbs that ensures less than 5% tee ejection, accurate depth placement and easy removal.  This “sticky” tee will save the golfer time and money as there is no need to search for ejected tees or buy new tees, and there is no significant effect on ball flight or distance.  For the golf course, this leads to a decrease in tee litter, a decrease in the wear and tear on lawn equipment, less maintenance as well as speeding the pace of play.




  • High impact, rugged golf tee

  • Conical barbs allow the tee to stay in the ground with no aberrant effect on play

Problems Addressed    (benefits/advantages)

  • Can be easily manufactured in a number of different materials, including impact-resistant nylon

  • Never lose tees to ejection, stays in the ground 95% of the time, regardless of the golfer’s swing

  • Less tee litter

  • Decrease in required lawn maintenance

  • Speeds the pace of play

    Utility and Design Patent Applications Pending (2017)

Tagsgolf, sports, tee
Posted DateNov 14, 2017 3:36 PM


Rachael Widener


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