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ReCall Software Program - FREE


Project TitleReCall Software Program - FREE
Track CodeP9171
Short Description

ReCALL Software is useful for rapidly processing HIV genotype population based data from gene sequencers into aligned sequences, particularly convenient for laboratories doing routine HIV drug resistance or tropism testing.

FREE version by invitation only. Requires confirmation from Project Leader, Dr. Richard Harrigan.


The ReCALL Software allows for rapid HIV gene sequence processing much in the way that Gene Code's Sequencher software or CodonCode's Aligner software does. ReCall has been made to require less work from person using it with features such as automatic sample parsing, sequence alignment and assembly, automated base calling and quality analysis. It also allows for quick visual analysis of potential problem areas. Also is optimized for analysis of key HIV genes involved in drug resistsance and tropism.

Posted DateJan 13, 2012 5:39 PM


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